Block Paving

Block Paving Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield and Nottinghamshire.

Block Paving
As the name suggests, we specialise in block paving, we lay all styles and patterns. The blocks that are used are Plasmore block pavers. The reason for this is that over the 20 years that we’ve been paving, these blocks tend to be the best for hardness, strong colours and long lasting durability, the main factors that you expect from a block paved driveway.
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Before we start to lay any paving the ground is excavated to a depth that is sufficient to maintain a substantial sub base. The material used for the sub base is mot type 1 roadstone which is also used under roads and pavements etc, this is then compacted at a pressure of 2.5 tonnes per square inch to ensure no movement occurs in the finished paving. At this stage any drains are installed, if needed. After that, any edging blocks are concreted in place, the paving is then laid in the style, colour and pattern that the customer has requested.

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Sealing the paving
We also give our customers the option of having their new driveway sealed. The sealing process entails the driveway having a resin based sealer applied to the surface. We apply a substantial coat so that it seeps between the blocks, setting the kiln dried sand, therefore dramatically reducing the possibility of weed growth and also prolonging the colour and life expectancy of the blocks.

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